Auf ein Bier mit Anna Baer


Auf ein Bier mit Anna Baer

Ploeck 14 would love to invite you for this ONE NIGHT ONLY with the artist.

“Painting me happy. 

Seasonal depression is real… spring will spring. 

Oh, I need to celebrate the light and blooms coming, but also celebrate the roots and rest of the growth process. 

Painting for me is my way to happiness, my way to clarity and bliss.” - Anna Baer

Join us on the first day of Spring, April 24th from 17-20Uhr for an exclusive artsy evening with Anna Baer, abstract expressionist painter from Heidelberg. Ploeck 14 has a fine selection of recent work on display and the artist will share the process and inspiration behind her work, as we enjoy a springy beer spritzer and yummy bites.

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Im Ticket enthalten sind außerdem: 

- Getränke inkl. Special Heerlijk Aperitif 

- Fingerfood & Snacks für den kleinen Hunger


Datum & Uhrzeit
Mittwoch, 24. April 2024
17:00 20:00 (Europe/Berlin)

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Heerlijk Heidelberg

+49 6221 6510829